plasticant mobilo GmbH - play sustainably
durable &
responsible production
plasticant mobilo GmbH - play sustainably
durable &
responsible production


Learning toys are our passion,
sustainability our responsibility

Whoever comes to visit the plasticant mobilo® headquarters in Sulzburg in the southwesternmost tip of Germany, immediately realizes why we are so concerned for the benefit of the world. Deep woods, habitat for an incredible diversity of species, the rolling hills of the Black Forest, and the air so clean it invites to take a deep breath of respite. To preserve the splendour of nature for our children is our motivation. We don't want to just talk about saving resources, protecting nature and making the planet an even better place. We want to think in this way day after day – and act accordingly.

Just like the Sustainable Development Goals tell us to do.

our passion

pedagogically worthwhile toys

Learning toys are so important for our children. They promote, amongst other things, motor skills, creativity and social behaviour in a group. We want to the positive influence to extend even further and include the care for our habitat and a careful use of resources into our responsibility – in order that the future of the Earth and of our children may take a turn for the better.

our sustainable ECO sets

made from 25% bio-plastics, 63% recycled plastics and 12% traditional plastics

Sustainability, attentiveness, social responsibility

At plasticant mobilo®, sustainability begins with the choice of materials we use, determines all steps of production and extends to packaging and transport of our learning toys to customers all over the world. But our concept of sustainability goes beyond even that: Our construction sets are more robust and durable than average and are passed on from one generation to the next.
If, one day, the toy set has accomplished its mission to the full, it can be recycled completely.

our 12 contributions

to a world we all can feel better in

1. Environmental responsibility

It significantly determines how our company acts. From the definition of our long-term goals to the durability of our learning toys.

2. Local responsibility

Made in Germany:
Manufacturing, assembling and packaging of plasticant mobilo® toys is done nearly exclusively in our region "Markgräflerland" at the foot of the Black Forest.

3. Social responsibility, attentiveness

A responsible relationship with our staff members and partners is a matter of course; for us and also for our suppliers. This means high standards for occupational safety, company pension schemes, healthcare and training for young and old. We also support the organisation fair toys.

4. Commitment in social matters

A part of the assembling and packaging is done in charitable institutions nearby.

5. Short distances, little carbon dioxide emissions

Even when we chose partners and suppliers we prefer those closer to us. One of the goals is always a long-term collaboration. This results in short distances, saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. We also support staff members who come to work on the bicycle.

6. Clean production

As far as possible, wastes resulting from production at plasticant mobilo® are re-used and integrated in the production process. Wherever possible, we use plastics made of regenerative and recycled raw materials. Our machines are energy-efficient, waste separation is a matter of course. All printed materials are carbon-neutral.

7. Clean energy generation, reduced carbon emissions

Our own PV plant at our headquarters generates about 15% of our energy requirements. What remains comes exclusively from the ecological power plant EWS and derives 100% from climate-friendly and regenerative energies. A heat recovery plant heats our offices and production halls.

8. Clean plastics

Made for the hands of children and 100% saliva-resistant. In our production we do no use hazardous ingredients such as PVC and BPA. Compliance with all standards, such as EN-71, is continuously ensured by independent experts.

9. High quality standards

The supply chain and our production processes are monitored continuously in view of further optimisation.

10. Clean packaging

Just as much as really necessary:
For the packaging of our products, such as the toy construction sets, we try to avoid any unnecessary packaging materials.

11. Long durability – less waste

Learning toys by plasticant mobilo® are robust and durable well above average; they are 100% recyclable.

12. Sustainable management

We are committed to a durable, broadly effective and sustainable management. We promote productive full employment and humane working conditions for everybody. Join us in creating a world in which everybody can feel better.

In the interest of our children.

Sustainable mobilo products

Discover the new mobilo ECO sets made of 25% bio-plastics, 63% recycled plastics and only 12% traditional plastics for carefree playing fun and a healthy future.

Renown mobilo quality is now sustainable!

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