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How exactly can you assemble the individual mobilo building blocks? What can arise?

Our stop-motion videos provide inspiration and precise building information.

building ideas, game worlds and lots of imagination

Here we show you what exactly can be built with plasticant mobilo®, what play worlds are possible and how effective and fun it is to construct with just a few elements from plasticant mobilo®.

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plasticant mobilo® is STEM
STEM is plasticant mobilo®

The idea behind STEM is to impart important knowledge early to children, in a playful way. Children are curious by nature and love to discover the world on their own. A STEM toy helps them doing so and gives them the opportunity to learn with self-confidence. The educational concept is thought out in the smallest detail and makes plasticant mobilo® a toy that is exceptionally well-suited to promote STEM-based learning.

This is the reason – or better many reasons why educators in over 30 countries in the world appreciate plasticant mobilo® so much.

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ECO learning toys made of
88% bio- and recycled plastics

sustainability in practice

We are particularly proud of our new ECO series with components made of bio- and recycled plastics. Combining high educational value perfectly with 100% sustainability. The ECO series makes it clear what plasticant mobilo® is about today:

Sustainable production and children playing for a better world.
This is our promise to all the generations of today and all of those coming after us.

sustainable mobilo components

for environ-mentally friendly fun

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