plasticant mobilo® – it's showtime!

Building with plasticant mobilo® is as easy as pie. We show exactly how it works in our films. Because the buildings only really come to life when they are in motion.

Have fun viewing and rebuilding.

creative construction – imaginative play

a tricycle is created

playing with solar energy

Is it possible to build a propeller plane, a helicopter, and then a windmill with just 14 building blocks? It's as easy as pie with plasticant mobilo® – and thanks to the solar rotor, the young master builders playfully come into contact with solar energy.

see | marvel | be happy

understanding the world

shoveling | loading | attaching | driving

easy construction

build a shovel excavator

playworld in motion

crashtest passed!

Even a collision between a combine harvester and a tractor is no problem for plasticant mobilo®. There is no damage.

robust | durable | recommended by educators worldwide

plasticant mobilo®

That convinces!

All plasticant mobilo® construction elements can be connected intuitively.

Educators the world over appreciate how quickly the children succeed in building and constructing.

It takes only a few pieces to create many exciting structures.

All elements of the first generation are 100% compatible to the ones produces now.

All elements are 100% compatible to new elements of the Eco series.

Only high-quality and tested plastic materials are used.

Sustainability in practice: the ECO series is made exclusively of recycled and regrowing plastics.

Learning and playing fun for many generations. All parts are extremely durable.

Ever fair and sustainable: plasticant mobilo® is no throw-away toy.

All elements are easy to clean – ideal for nursery school, kindergarten, play groups.

Endless possibilities:
roll them, stack them connect them, rotate them, push or pull them, lower or lift them and much much more.

High-quality and durable: excellent price-quality ratio

plasticant mobilo® is an extremely popular STEM toy.

more inspirations

Take your time to look at our game worlds.

And how did it all start with plasticant mobilo®?

... a vision became reality.

plasticant mobilo GmbH | learning and construction toys | high quality made in Germany

an idea spreads around the world

and inspires everyone

This is how we can give our best.