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Absolutely unique, of high educational value and sought after in more that 30 countries all over the world.

plasticant mobilo® is the kind of learning and construction toy kids love – and their parents and educators too. All parts are manufactured and packaged fairly, cleanly and sustainably in Germany. plasticant mobilo® offers little tinkerers and engineers nearly unlimited possibilities to gather new experiences.

plasticant mobilo®:
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the geometric components

thought out with love, made with love

The components are kept on purpose in the three colours blue, red and yellow. Since children love to have some weight in their hands, all plasticant mobilo® elements are solid. At the same time, this gives the learning toy great durability and absolutely safe handling.

In addition:

the designers have taken great care to have all edges rounded, thereby reducing the risk of injury and matching the elements to the hands of children.

Original plasticant mobilo GmbH Konstruktionsspielzeug made in Germany

high quality
made in Germany

Original plasticant mobilo GmbH made in Germany

three primary colours

Original plasticant mobilo GmbH Konstruktionsspielzeug made in Germany


Original plasticant mobilo GmbH Konstruktionsspielzeug made in Germany


a clever connection

a further plasticant mobilo® highlight are the especially designed connectors

They allow connecting the components intuitively and open up a horizon of new construction possibilities to the little engineers. There are various types of clips, connectors and couplings, both for fixed and for flexible inside, outside and multiple connections. Even rotating constructions are possible. The connectors used in plasticant mobilo® construction toys are considerably stronger than magnetic ones. At the same time, they are more flexible and resilient. They clip onto to the elements very easily and stay in place until they are not taken off by hand.

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen

rotating components

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen


external connectors

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen

various connectors

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen


small and extra-large wheels

that's where kids really get going.

Perfectly adapted to children's hands, the small (35 mm) and extra-large (72 mm) wheels by plasticant mobilo® offer builders many options for individual vehicles or imaginary objects.

rolling | driving | steering – children are in their element

plasticant mobilo Große Räder: 12 extragroße Räder für noch größeren Spielspaß

extra-large wheels

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen

exciting vehicles

small wheels

many possibilities

figurines/finger puppets

as varied as life itself

Different figurines add life to the buildings, vehicles and constructions created with plasticant mobilo®. They combine perfectly with the construction components and are easy to integrate. The figurines are multi-coloured like life itself and can also be used as finger puppets. For exciting role games, for instance, or just to tell stories.

plasticant mobilo®

the main advantages

All plasticant mobilo® construction elements can be connected intuitively.

Educators the world over appreciate how quickly the children succeed in building and constructing.

It takes only a few pieces to create many exciting structures.

All elements of the first generation are 100% compatible to the ones produces now.

All elements are 100% compatible to new elements of the Eco series.

Only high-quality and tested plastic materials are used.

Sustainability in practice: the ECO series is made exclusively of recycled and regrowing plastics.

Learning and playing fun for many generations. All parts are extremely durable.

Ever fair and sustainable: plasticant mobilo® is no throw-away toy.

All elements are easy to clean – ideal for nursery school, kindergarten, play groups.

Endless possibilities:
roll them, stack them, connect them, rotate them, push or pull them, lower or lift them and much much more.

High-quality and durable: excellent price-quality ratio

plasticant mobilo® is an extremely popular STEM toy.

plasticant mobilo® is STEM
STEM is plasticant mobilo®

The idea behind STEM is to impart important knowledge to children early and in a playful way. Children are curious by nature and love to discover the world on their own. A STEM toy helps them doing so and gives them the opportunity to learn with self-confidence. The educational concept is thought out in the smallest detail and makes plasticant mobilo® a toy that is exceptionally well-suited to promote STEM-based learning.

This is the reason – or better many reasons why educators in over 30 countries in the world appreciate plasticant mobilo® so much.

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sustainability in practice

We are particularly proud of our new ECO series, with components made of bio- and recycled plastics. Combining high educational value perfectly with 100% sustainability. The Eco series makes it clear what plasticant mobilo® is about today: sustainable production and children playing for a better world.

This is our promise to all the generations of today and all of those coming after us.

discover our sustainable ECO products

made of 25% bio-plastics, 63% recycled plastics and 12% traditional plastics

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

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