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While at play, plasticant mobilo® accompanies the kids during the day. Children, especially the youngest ones, discover the world with all their senses and the beloved mobilo pieces are always there. Dirt and contact with germs can not always be avoided.

Regular cleaning (short washing program under 60 °C | 140 °F):

if the set is used a lot

if it is dirty

Disinfection (water temperature over 60 °C | 140 °F), if:

many kids share the toys

they were acquired second hand

in case of special exposure (intensive use at a birthday party, when children are sick, on excursions etc.)

How to remove dirt, germs and viruses gently?

To clean and disinfect the components of plasticant mobilo® we recommend you put them in a mesh bag and wash them in the dishwasher in regular intervals.

The short washing program is usually sufficient.

Use no detergent or only a minimum of it, because it is aggressive and can change the colour and the material. It is important to clean the dishwashing machine regularly beforehand. With a dishwashing program of 60 °C | 140 °F you are on the safe side in all matters of hygiene and disinfection. After the course, put the pieces on a towel and dab off any remaining drops of water.

If no dishwasher is available

no problem

Bathe the pieces in hot water for 10 minutes (over 60 °C | 140 °F). This will also kill bacteria and viruses. If the pieces are very dirty, further clean them by hand while the water is cooling down – after you are done, lay the pieces out on a clean towel and dab off any excess water.

This is how we can give our best.