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Playing is so important for the development of our children. Especially when the toys used feature everything educators value and, at the same time, bring enjoyment to children. The construction toys by plasticant mobilo® intuitively teach skills and experiences that will remain influential for the rest of the childrens' life. For instance, feeling for form, combinability, three-dimensional thinking, an understanding of the relations between balance, stability and motion. At the same time, the high-quality learning toys promote creativity, concentration – and, when playing in a group – even team spirit and social behaviour.

... and absolutely sustainable

For our expectations here at plasticant mobilo® "merely" didactic value is not enough. For tomorrow’s generations expect much more from a learning toy – just as we do ourselves. This is why at plasticant mobilo® we have been producing for years strictly according to the Sustainable Development Goals specifications: fair, clean, sustainable and socially responsible. But even that is not enough. With the construction toys of the particularly sustainable Eco series we follow this path further and use bio- and recycled plastics nearly exclusively. In addition, the components of Eco series themselves are completely recyclable. This is what we at plasticant mobilo® mean by "playing for a better world".

Learning toys by plasticant mobilo®

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plasticant mobilo® for 3 to 8 year olds

Find out here at what age playing with the mobilo building blocks supports your child and how.

plasticant mobilo GmbH – construction an learning toys – high quality made in Germany


regularly tested – up to 100 % saliva-resistant

original plasticant mobilo®

tested quality from Germany

The robust, washable, and long-lasting plastic components with their bright colours have been manufactured in the Black Forest for two decades now.

Fair & clean production: 100% made in Germany

STEM toy of high quality and high educational value

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Trains cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical fundamentals

Much appreciated by educators in nurseries all around the world

Promotes social behaviour and team spirit

High educational value, stimulates fantasy

Resistant to saliva, non-toxic, free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA

Winner of numerous awards

Expandable indefinitely

Easy to clean

Sustainable mobilo products

Discover the new mobilo ECO sets made of 25% bio-plastics, 63% recycled plastics and only 12% traditional plastics for carefree playing fun and a healthy future.

Renown mobilo quality is now sustainable!

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plasticant mobilo GmbH – sustainable construction and learning toys – high quality made in Germany
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