plasticant mobilo GmbH – Konstruktionsspielzeug für behinderte Kinder | Inklusion
plasticant mobilo GmbH – Konstruktionsspielzeug für behinderte Kinder | Inklusion
plasticant mobilo GmbH – Konstruktionsspielzeug für behinderte Kinder | Inklusion


because diversity's what makes the world more fun

For educators in over 30 countries all over the world, plasticant mobilo® construction toys are first choice, eg. in nursery school, kindergarten and inclusion groups. When working with children with disabilities, the STEM toy can contribute significantly to the social and intellectual development. In a playfully integrative way that is fun for all children.

The plasticant mobilo® elements and figurines can be connected very easily. This is a great advantage for children with intellectual or manual disabilities too. With their solid material and ergonomically rounded shapes, all elements are optimally adapted to the requirements and abilities of children’s hands.

Children with autistic tendencies also benefit from the thoroughly thought-out concept. These children like plasticant mobilo® especially because of its clear structure, the requirement of logical thinking and the possibility to construct strictly according to the manuals. Planning and constructing promotes both motor skills and spatial thinking. In addition, all elements are particularly robust and therefore extremely durable. Children can enjoy plasticant mobilo® for a very long time and don’t need to get accustomed to something new. We know a few that still like to play with it at the age of twelve. All construction manuals are grouped into various levels of difficulty, with according age recommendations.

Inclusion with plasticant mobilo®:
The integrative construction toy also promotes children with disabilities in many ways.

learn through play

high-quality & high educational value

Trains concentration and attention

Recognizing shapes, colours and objects

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Fosters cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical understanding

Furthers understanding of quantities and numbers

High educational value, inspires fantasy

Highly appreciated by educators in nurseries all over the world

Fosters social behaviour and team spirit

Enhances the vocabulary

... and is incredibly fun

Learning toys by plasticant mobilo®

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Tested quality, 100% made in Germany

Fair, clean and sustainable production

Quality STEM toys of high educational value

Certified according to worldwide standards

100% resistant to saliva, non-toxic and free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA


Expandable at will

Much appreciated in 30 countries

Easy to clean

plasticant mobilo GmbH – construction an learning toys – high quality made in Germany


regularly tested – up to 100 % saliva-resistant

This is how we can give our best.