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why plasticant mobilo® is an excellent STEM toy

STEM (science + technology + engineering + maths) allows children to approach technology, natural sciences and maths in a simple and playful way. In addition, with a STEM toy like plasticant mobilo®, the little explorers gather many important experiences and learn essential competences, that may come in useful later in their lives.

Both the overall concept and the design of plasticant mobilo® help to develop early a wide range of cognitive and physical abilities.

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Motor skills
plasticant mobilo® fosters the development of both fine and gross motor skills. The pieces are ideally matched to children's hands, giving children a better awareness of forms, symmetry, balance, statics and stability.

Social competence
By planning and constructing together, language and communications skills are developed early. Good teamwork and an unprejudiced approach to common projects are necessary requisites with plasticant mobilo®.

Planning and building together with the plasticant mobilo® learning toy promotes both logical and solution-oriented thinking. The children solve the challenges posed by the constructions independently, such as balancing the elements by trial and error, combining them and spatial vision. This again gives the young tinkerers a sense of achievement, self-confidence and even a stronger awareness of their identity.

To let fantasy run freely is very important for children. Only in this way can creativity find complete expression. And when there is a toy like plasticant mobilo® available to bring it to fruition, endurance and concentration set in by themselves.

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plasticant mobilo® is an excellent introduction to the world of STEM pedagogy.

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plasticant mobilo® learning toy
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The robust, washable, and long-lasting plastic components with their bright colours have been manufactured in the Black Forest for two decades now.

Fair & clean production: 100% made in Germany

STEM toy of high quality and high educational value

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Trains cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical fundamentals

Much appreciated by educators in nurseries all around the world

Promotes social behaviour and team spirit

High educational value, stimulates fantasy

Resistant to saliva, non-toxic, free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA


Expandable indefinitely

Easy to clean

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