Original plasticant mobilo GmbH construction toy made in Germany
78 perfect
Original plasticant mobilo GmbH construction toy made in Germany
for maximum
Original plasticant mobilo GmbH Konstruktionsspielzeug made in Germany
article no. 117

connector pack Fairtoys

provides great flexibility

3-8 years

78 * components

78 * components

Set of 78 connectors including
34 different connectors, 24 small wheels, 12 axles, 4 rotating pieces, 4 couplings

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

in a polybag

in a polybag

0,18 kg


article no.

more variety, more freedom and far more possibilities

The connector pack by plasticant mobilo® is just what young engineers with big plans need. The supplementary axles, wheels and rotating parts add a lot of motion to all building activities, be it a classy vehicle or an imposing building. The four different connectors and couplings stimulate new projects again and again. Much appreciated in playing groups or kindergarten too.

Set of 78 connectors including:
34 diferent connectors, 24 small wheels, 12 axles, 4 rotating pieces, 4 couplings


Tested quality made in Germany

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

if you already own one or more
plasticant mobilo® sets

then the 78 supplementary connectors are the ideal addition

Of course you can give a re-shine to your existing sets or just replace the pieces that have gone missing over the years.

78 different connectors
rotating pieces
and small wheels

plasticant mobilo® as you know it:
everything is thoroughly and carefully thought out

There are coupling pieces that allow long trains and rotating parts for whatever has to turn. Inside and outside connectors offer solutions for single, double and triple connections. With these tools, the little engineers acquire a lot of flexibility. Last but not least there are the little wheels for more mobility.

plasticant mobilo®: everything is taken care of!

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rotating pieces

plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen

small wheels
and axles

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plasticant mobilo: bauen | spielen | lernen


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compatible with all sets from plasticant mobilo®

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

Learning toys by plasticant mobilo®

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Tested quality, 100% made in Germany

Fair, clean and sustainable production

Quality STEM toys of high educational value

Certified according to worldwide standards

100% resistant to saliva, non-toxic and free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA


Expandable at will

Much appreciated in 30 countries

Easy to clean

ECO learning toys made of
88% bio- and recycled plastics:

sustainable mobilo components

for environ-mentally friendly fun

Fair & sustainable is far more
than a standard may require

Therefore here at plasticant mobilo® we do whatever is possible in order to manufacture fairly, cleanly and sustainably, far beyond the standards required by law. We have been producing in the Black Forest for more than four decades, according to our own aspirations for a better world.

In doing so, plasticant mobilo® always follows the ideas of Sustainable Development Goals: e.g. fairness, social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainability.


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