large bucket
large possibilities
416 pieces
for great stories
article no. LB

large bucket Fairtoys

a gateway to endless adventures and creative possibilities for children in preschool groups

3-8 years

234 * components

234 * components

including 3 geometric packs (78 pieces) and 2 connector packs (156 pieces)

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

1-10 children

in a practical bucket

in a practical bucket

3,0 kg


article no.

234 pieces:

2 connector and 3 geometric packs offer the perfect combination of parts to match each child's imagination and bring their fantasy worlds to life.

When children build and construct together, not only an impressive work is created, but also an atmosphere of cohesion and cooperation. The quick sense of achievement that every child experiences when constructing with the plasticant mobilo® building blocks also increases their self-confidence. The high-quality construction toy from plasticant mobilo® is not just a toy, but an educational tool with which young builders playfully develop important abilities such as fine motor skills, creativity, concentration and three-dimensional thinking.

It is no coincidence that plasticant mobilo® is highly valued by educators in around 30 countries. It is a tool that supports children's development in many ways and enriches their learning journey with joy and enthusiasm.

The large bucket from plasticant mobilo® not only builds structures, but also lays the foundations for a successful future.


Tested quality made in Australia and Germany

234 pieces

for funny fantasy

3 x geometric packs
2 x connector packs

for marvelous monuments


infinitely instructive

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Our very durable and therefore environmentally friendly building components have grown.

discover our sustainable ECO products

made of bio- and recycled plastics

perfect for role games

can also be used therapeutically

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*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

high quality & high educational value

Giant set for teams of engineers from 3-8 years of age

424 high-quality, durable elements

Ideal for nursery, kindergarten and bigger playing groups

Trains concentration and attention

Recognizing shapes, colours and objects

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Fosters cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical understanding

Furthers understanding of quantities and numbers

High educational value, inspires fantasy

Highly appreciated by educators in nurseries all over the world

Fosters social behaviour and team spirit

Enhances the vocabulary

... and is incredibly fun


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