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a perfect start for young builders

Construct freely and with fantasy

I build myself the world as I like it. Basic sets are the ideal start into the colourful playing world of plasticant mobilo®. With the plasticant mobilo® basic sets, you start with a small budget and can expand the sets as you go along. Ideal at home, on the road, in small playgroups or as a pastime of high educational value in the waiting room.

Even the basic set by plasticant mobilo® offers little engineers and constructors a lot of fun and rapid results. With the geometric elements, connectors and wheels, children between 3 and 8 years of age create whatever they like. Parents and educators worldwide appreciate plasticant mobilo® very much. Playing with the colourful elements promotes fine motor skills, social competence, cognitive skills, visual perception and many other skills from which preschool kids profit a whole life long.

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

discover our basic sets

for 1 to 3 children

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

free, creative and of high educational value

Even the basic sets by plasticant mobilo® offer a great range of possibilities and are a lot of fun in planning, building and constructing.

The geometric base elements such as cube, square, ladder, triangle can be intuitively combined with connectors to become fancy cars, aeroplanes, buildings, machines, figurines and much, much more. The educationally valuable plasticant mobilo® construction toys are especially durable, completely washable and, of course, 100% resistant to saliva. The learning toy “Made in Germany” is a wonderfully timeless pastime for kids between 3 and 8 years of age. It is often used also for children with handicap.


Fair, clean and sustainable manufacturing

Tested quality, 100% made in Germany

Quality STEM toys of high educational value

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Fosters cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical understanding

Highly appreciated by educators in nurseries all over the world

Fosters social behaviour and team spirit

High educational value, inspires fantasy

Resistant to saliva, non-toxic, free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA

Multiple award-winner

Expandable at will

Easy to clean

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ECO learning toys made of
88% bio- and recycled plastics:

sustainable mobilo components

for environ-mentally friendly fun

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