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Learn 12 times through play

The 12 construction manuals introduce boys and girls to the advanced functioning of the plasticant mobilo® STEM toy and offer great challenges to all the junior engineers that think they already know it all.

What is what and where does it go? With the help of the construction manuals it is easy to identify the pieces correctly. And then, it is just a matter of planning: where do I start? What will I need next? In this way, planning and constructing becomes fun.

Tested quality made in Germany.

3 model views for optimal construction success

each with front and back

the right level of difficulty for every age group

yellow | blue | red

The plans with the yellow bounding box are easy, ideal for younger children from 3 years up or for children who discover the colourful world of plasticant mobilo® for the first time. The colour blue means medium difficulty, these blueprints are for children that are a little older, whose motor development is more advanced. Red bounding box means challenge. These construction manuals are for all children that already have a lot of experience in planning and constructing.

Fascination for all ages

for children
from 3 years

for children
from 4 years

for children
from 6 years

several young engineers are building at the same time

perfect for nursery school, kindergarten or playing groups

Since the plans are printed on single cards printed on both sides, it is possible for several groups or single children to get to work simultaneously.

The plasticant mobilo® construction manuals are a wonderful addition, for example to the construction set I.

figurines & finger puppets

learn to communicate in a playful way

Role games let fantasy take off and promote personality and social skills. In the trail of the different plasticant mobilo® figurine sets, the children can take one the most differing roles. Colourful like life itself. The cosmopolitan design with figurines of different skin colours help understand human variety and make our children, tolerant, open and unprejudiced.

tolerant | cosmopolitan | free of prejudice
Also recommended for therapeutic use.

our sustainable ECO sets

made from 25% bio-plastics, 63% recycled plastics and 12% traditional plastics

A valuable contribution to make our planet a better place. The construction toys of the ECO series ideally combines high educational value and sustainability. All elements are made of organic plastic or recycled plastic and are themselves 100% recyclable.

A particularly valuable contribution to make our world a better place!

our group sets

fun for teams

Endless possibilities for little discoverers, engineers and builders that want to play together with plasticant mobilo®. Be it a big construction site, an airport, a space rocket or an adventure playground – with all these multicoloured elements everything is within reach. Especially when the kids plan, think and get creative together in a group. All group sets include detailed construction plans.

social | with each other | creative

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