plasticant mobilo sustainable supplementary set with 64 connectors in ECO quality
learning fun & sustainability
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ECO connector set new & sustainable Fairtoys

64 elements: 83% bio-plastics – 100% sustainable
The eco-friendly addition to all sets!

3-8 years

64 * components

64 * components

in sustainable
ECO quality – 83% bio-plastics
consisting of:

6 axles and 12 small wheels, 2 extra-large wheels, 4 couplings, 4 clips, 2 rotating pieces, 6 covering plates, 10 inner connectors, 10 external connectors, 4 cross connectors, 4 triple connectors

compatible with all plasticant mobilo® sets

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components



All mobilo ECO connectors are made of 83% bio-plastics and are completely recyclable themselves.

polybag with zip

polybag with zip

reusable, sustainable and practical

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Nice when things are thought through to the end:

The plasticant mobilo® ECO connector set puts the principle of sustainability into practice from beginning to end. Firstly, the 64 ECO components are manufactured in a resource-saving way and consist to 83% of bio-plastics and only to 17% of traditional plastics. Secondly, the ECO connectors are compatible to all other plasticant mobilo® components. Whatever is already available at home or at the kindergarten can now be integrated and expanded at will in ECO quality. Thirdly, because our little engineers can play for ages with their plasticant mobilo® components. A STEM toy in bio quality that enriches many generations of kids in play groups or kindergarten with eco-friendly learning and playing fun of high educational value. In addition: the ECO connectors packaging is not thrown away but has a zipper ideal for storage. Again and again.

ECO connector set for eco-friendly learning & playing fun

new & sustainable Fairtoys

Tested quality made in Germany

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

first class combinations

sustainable | diverse | robust

100% compatible

with all mobilo components

6 x axles and 12 x small wheels

4 x couplings

10 x inner connectors

4 x clips

6 x covering plates

2 x extra-large wheels

2 x rotating pieces

10 x external connectors

4 x cross connectors

4 x triple connectors

the eco-friendly addition to all sets!

The 64 ECO connectors made of 83% bio-plastics are an environmentally friendly addition to all ECO line sets, but also to all classic plasticant mobilo® construction sets. You can give your construction kit a refresher and substitute missing or aged components.

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talking about the ECO line...

These ECO sets are produced with maximum regard for the environment.

The ECO components of plasticant mobilo® consist of a minimum of 77% recycled or bio-based plastics and are themselves fully recyclable. Even though that is rarely necessary. Both the plasticant mobilo® classic and ECO components are extremely durable. They offer learning and playing fun of high value to many generations of pre-school kids.

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compatible to all plasticant mobilo® sets

conceived as STEM toy

plasticant mobilo® promotes early important abilities and competencies in pre-school age children

Logic thinking and creativity, teamwork, as well as environmental consciousness and a basic comprehension of scientific principles. When playing with plasticant mobilo® nearly everything is possible: planning, trying out, experimenting lead to the construction of simple models or complex buildings, making the colourful fantasy of our little engineers come true.

As always, every plasticant mobilo® component fits to all others. All elements are compatible, the classic components with the new elements of the particularly sustainable ECO series.

plasticant mobilo®

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