plasticant mobilo sustainable supplementary set with 26 geometric parts in ECO quality
plasticant mobilo sustainable supplementary set with 26 geometric parts in ECO quality
of 77% recycled plastics
article no. 50200

ECO geometric parts new & sustainable Fairtoys

26 ECO components – compatible with all sets

3-8 years

26 components

26 components

in sustainable ECO quality comprising:
4 cubes, 8 rectangles, 4 squares, 4 angles, 6 triangles – compatible with all plasticant mobilo® sets



All mobilo ECO components are made of 77% recycled plastics and are completely recyclable themselves.

poly zip-bag

poly zip-bag

reusable, sustainable and practical

0,56 kg


article no.

Pure ECO:

An eco-friendly addition to all plasticant mobilo@ sets

Use the geometric parts in ECO quality to expand all plasticant mobilo@ construction sets. For a whole range of new creative possibilities, at the same time sharpening awareness for ecology and sustainability of our little engineers. The 26 elements of the ECO additional set are manufactured with 77% recycled plastics, making very sparing use of resources. Of course, the ECO components are absolutely equal to the components of the traditional plasticant mobilo@ construction sets in variety, robustness and durability.

Sustainably planned, sustainably manufactured:
even the packaging of the geometric elements – a practical poly zip-bag – may be reused many times.

Developed as a perfect addition to the ECO series, these particularly sustainably components are compatible to all other plasticant mobilo@ construction sets.

new & sustainable Fairtoys

Tested quality made in Germany

varied | robust | durable | eco-friendly

26 geometric elements in ECO quality

100% compatible

with all mobilo components

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

the perfect addition

for the ECO BUILDER and ECO TEAM sets, also compatible to the components of the classic plasticant mobilo® construction sets

2 cubes

4 large rectangles

2 large cubes

4 angles

4 squares

4 small rectangles

2 small triangles

4 large triangles

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discover other ECO add-on sets

compatible to all plasticant mobilo® sets

*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

dedicated with love to our planet

The construction and additional sets of the plasticant mobilo® ECO series have been produced trying to save resources to the utmost.

The consist to at least 77% of recycled or bio-based plastics. The geometric base elements such as cube, square, ladder, triangle can be intuitively combined with connectors to become fancy cars, aeroplanes, buildings, machines, figurines and much, much more.

The ECO series by plasticant mobilo® is one of the first STEM toys on the market that features sustainability down to the minutest detail. Starting with the choice of materials, followed up by clean and fair production in the Black Forest and completed by sheer endless playing and learning fun at home, in the playgroup or in Kindergarten. Moreover, since the plasticant mobilo® STEM toy is exceptionally durable, it can be passed on from one generation to the next.

An everlasting companion for all little master builders of preschool age. And a valuable contribution to our environment.

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