plasticant mobilo: Figuren/Fingerpuppen
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plasticant mobilo: Figuren/Fingerpuppen
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plasticant mobilo: Figuren/Fingerpuppen
figurines as finger puppets


learn to communicate in a playful way

2 in 1:

The plasticant mobilo® figurines give life to the buildings and vehicles created with the construction sets. Put them on your fingers and the friendly little heads become finger puppets and turn into ship captains, astronauts, magicians, princesses, nurses and much more. In such role games, apprehensive children can act courageous, impulsive ones show consideration for others and usually reserved children take on leader roles.

The plasticant mobilo® range of figurines includes all sorts of skin colours, genders and all generations from baby to grandmother. There even are figurines DIVERSITY for playing with no preconceptions at home and in the kindergarten.

Have fun performing and interacting!

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

perfect for role games

can also be used therapeutically

designed optimally for children’s hands

great to enact scenes and interact

Isn't it beautiful when the children can be whatever they like to be?

Role games help them tell stories, develop a personality and cope with fears. Social interaction is promoted by the adoption of the various roles.

The figurines by plasticant mobilo® are designed optimally for children’s hands and are a great inducement to play role games in kindergarten and at home in a way appropriate to age. From experience we know that children like to take part in role games and plasticant mobilo® helps them to do so. This fosters empathy, the capacity to put oneself in somebody else’s position, the solution of conflicts, conciliatory moves, expand their vocabulary and learn to express themselves. For smaller children the figurines are great as finger puppets, to enact scenes and interact. Older children work out their own exciting stories and invent imaginative dialogues.

In addition, the friendly little figurines give life to the buildings and structures created with the plasticant mobilo® construction sets. As all other elements, the plasticant mobilo® figurines too are especially durable, completely washable and, of course, 100% resistant to saliva.

A wonderfully timeless companion for all children between 3 and 8 years of age.

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Tested quality, 100% made in Germany

Fair, clean and sustainable production

Quality STEM toys of high educational value

Certified according to worldwide standards

100% resistant to saliva, non-toxic and free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA


Expandable at will

Much appreciated in 30 countries

Easy to clean

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plasticant mobilo – the ideal toy

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