plasticant mobilo Figuren hell
for little personalities
plasticant mobilo Figuren hell
with exciting
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figurines light Spielgut Fairtoys

small characters who tell great stories

fairly, cleanly & sustainably manufactured in Germany | robust, durable, washable | of high educational value | tested and award-winning quality

3-8 years

6 components

6 components

1-6 children

in a polybag

in a polybag

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plasticant mobilo® figurines : choose your favourite role

On the fingers of the little storytellers, the figurines become mom or dad, teacher and child, farmer and cowgirl or even a whole family. And another exciting story is born, another role game everyone wants to take part it. The high-quality figurines are compatible with all other plasticant mobilo® construction elements. The little tinkerers and engineers therefore can use the finger puppets also to enliven the vehicles and edifices built with the construction sets.

High educational value

For kids it is important to be able to play another role every once in a while. First, it is just a lot of fun to be able to play ones favourite role, in addition, by playing role games, the little characters imitate the world of the adults and learn to understand it better.

The high-quality set by plasticant mobilo® consists of 6 different figurines.
The high-quality figurines are sustainably manufactured in Germany and are compatible with all other plasticant mobilo® building elements.

Spielgut Fairtoys

Tested quality made in Germany

now bearer of the Fair Toys seal

because our concern for fair production has been officially certified

6 figurines light

figurines & finger puppets

from the Black Forest

Nice, when kids can be whatever they like. Role games help them tell stories, develop a personality and cope with fears. Social interaction is promoted by the adoption of the various roles. The figurines by plasticant mobilo® are designed optimally for children’s hands and are a great possibility to put role games into practice in kindergarten or at home in a way appropriate to age. Younger pre-school children like to use the finger puppets to tell stories and explain things. Older children work out their own exciting stories and invent imaginative dialogues. In addition, the friendly little figurines take on a life of their own when they are places in the buildings, vehicles and structures built with plasticant mobilo®.

The educationally valuable plasticant mobilo® construction toys are especially durable, completely washable and, of course, 100% resistant to saliva. A wonderfully timeless companion for all children between 3 and 8 years of age.


figurines light

plasticant mobilo Figuren hell
plasticant mobilo Figuren hell

can also be used therapeutically

plasticant mobilo Figuren hell

learn through play

high quality & high educational value

Play, tell a story, understand

For children from 3 to 8 years

Trains concentration and attention

Recognizing shapes, colours and objects

Promotes fine and gross motor skills, creativity, concentration

Fosters cognition, three-dimensional thinking, technical understanding

Furthers understanding of quantities and numbers

High educational value, inspires fantasy

Highly appreciated by educators in nurseries all over the world

Fosters social behaviour and team spirit

Enhances the vocabulary

... and is incredibly fun

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Tested quality, 100% made in Germany

Fair, clean and sustainable production

Quality STEM toys of high educational value

Certified according to worldwide standards

100% resistant to saliva, non-toxic and free of pollutants

Contains no phthalate, lead, cadmium or BPA


Expandable at will

Much appreciated in 30 countries

Easy to clean

ECO learning toys made of
88% bio- and recycled plastics:

sustainable mobilo components

for environ-mentally friendly fun

Fair & sustainable is far more
than a standard may require

Therefore here at plasticant mobilo® we do whatever is possible in order to manufacture fairly, cleanly and sustainably, far beyond the standards required by law. We have been producing in the Black Forest for more than four decades, according to our own aspirations for a better world.

In doing so, plasticant mobilo® always follows the ideas of Sustainable Development Goals: e.g. fairness, social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainability.

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