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Together, the fun is greatest.

The plasticant mobilo® group sets are ideal to create imaginative constructions and fantasy worlds in cooperative teamwork. What about a big zoo, with many opportunities for interesting role-playing after it is completed? Or a large construction site, offering the young team of engineers never ending impulses? Or maybe even a breathtakingly big lunar rocket, ready to make the young researchers take off?

The plasticant mobilo® group sets contain extra many components and allow the construction of large and complex structures with many beautiful details. Several children between 3 and 8 years of age can plan, construct and play simultaneously. Working together at the same time fosters planning capacities, communication, dexterity, imagination and social competence. Motor coordination and consideration for others are also required when many hands take part in creating true architectural masterpieces. Each plasticant mobilo® group set contains coloured construction plans that inspire the young engineers and ensure prompt success.

Ideal in nursery, kindergarten and, of course, at home too.

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*two small wheels and one axle count as three components

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plasticant mobilo® makes it possible!

plasticant mobilo® group sets are a high-quality solution for extra variety at home, but also for planning and construction in common in nursery, day care school or larger playing groups. As a STEM toy, plasticant mobilo® awakens the interest of children between 3 and 8 for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. In a playful way the new discoverers develop many skills, that later come in handy at school and in life: cognition, creativity, fine motor skills, three-dimensional thinking and, by playing together in a group, team spirit and social behaviour.

The geometric base elements such as cube, square, ladder, triangle can be intuitively combined with connectors to become fancy cars, aeroplanes, buildings, machines, figurines and much, much more. In addition to its high educational value, the plasticant mobilo® construction toys are exceptionally durable, washable and, of course, 100% resistant to saliva. plasticant mobilo® has been highly appreciated by educators for over 40 years. Also, for promoting dexterity and mental development in children with disabilities.

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Our very durable and therefore environmentally friendly building components have grown.


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