Excitement – Fun – Team Spirit

interactive • imaginative • educational

NEW: Playing with 3 functions:

  1. build and play as usual
  2. includes 12 monster construction manuals that show which parts to collect
  3. a group game for having monstrous fun
  • Delivered in a practical mesh bag.
  • Includes 12 construction manuals showing how to build the monsters and 1 game manual
  • Includes 1 cover plate with monster, yellow

*2 small wheels and 1 axle count as 3 components

A cooperative group game for girls & boys:

The little mobilo-monster is looking for friends, but it causes nothing but trouble by appearing unexpectedly throughout the game. Can the whole team fill its cards faster than the little 

mobilo-monster? If the team is successful, all of the players will be able to build their own monsters with the help of construction manuals. Then they can travel to a world of their imagination.

In this game, girls and boys do not only learn to create something hands-on, they also learn to distinguish intuitively between colors and shapes, as well as the roles of construction parts. On top of this, they improve their teamwork and social skills.

An exciting game involving dice and construction for 2 - 5 players ages 3 - 99.

Have monstrous fun!

Article number
Age3 - 99
EN 71
Unit 15
Weight 1,48 kg
Pieces 134*